He's been through Four Weddings and a Funeral, traversed the world of Jane Austen, learned what life's like when it's About a Boy, and canoodled the likes of Andie MacDowell, Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger, and Drew Barrymore. Now Hugh Grant's getting the woman of Manolo Blahniks -- Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Columbia Pictures has pulled the pair together for Marc Lawrence's new, untitled romantic comedy. Refreshingly, there's a slight spin on this puppy to keep it from the usual man, woman, drama, and romantic happy ending rut -- witness protection. It seems the pair will play "an estranged high-powered New York couple who witness a murder and are placed in a witness-protection program in a small Wyoming town." I wonder if they choose to be together so at least they both know someone, or if the powers that be weren't interested in cooking up two top-secret locales. Whatever the case, it could be interesting.

Do you think ol' pros Hugh and Sarah will cook up some good chemistry when production begins next Spring?
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