It's been an interesting ride for Tom Cruise'sValkyrie. It's received lots of apprehension, unkind words, a falsePhotoshop drama and a bit of a jostle with its release date. The film's mission to get to the screen seems almost as dangerous as von Stauffenberg's quest to assassinate Hitler. Now its arrival is almost upon us, and with that, we've got a new trailer.

If you want to get the trailer off on the right foot, Terence Stamp (who plays General Ludwig Beck) is definitely the way to do it. The honor, tenseness, and drama -- it plays out as a trailer should. But I just can't get behind Cruise's lack of an accent. Sure, the accents from everyone are far from accurate, but in a sea of British talent, Tom's voice sticks out like a sore thumb. If there was even the slightest hint of an accent (as if he was trying to suppress it and sound American), it'd even work. But as is, the only thing I can think is: "Who is that American dude in the German army?"

That being said, everything else has me really curious about this feature. How about you?