The Haunting of Molly Hartley isn't bad as far as movie titles go, though it would be a lot better if the movie contained any actual haunting. The girl is plagued by voices that say "Molly!" and "I know what you are!," but is that really a "haunting"? It's more like The Annoying of Molly Hartley or The Messing Around with Molly Hartley's Mind.

At any rate, this lame, tame psychological thriller stars Haley Bennett as Molly, who has just moved with her father (Jake Weber) to a new house and new school after an unsettling incident in which Molly's mother tried to kill her. (Oops!) Mom (Marin Hinkle) is now in the loony bin, which at least reduces the awkwardness around the house, but Molly fears she might be starting to suffer from the same craziness that made her mother go all stabby. She's been having hallucinations both visual and auditory (or "aditory," according to the book she reads; nice work, props department!), and that's cause for concern.

Molly's new school is a fancy prep academy for rich kids, notably Joseph Young (Chace Crawford), who is dreamy and friendly, and Alexis (Shanna Collins), who is friendly and poor. She's there on scholarship and is a pariah for being un-rich, and also for being a devout Christian. (Like most movie Christians, Alexis is portrayed as being humorless, strident, and irrational.) Molly is also befriended by Leah (Shannon Marie Woodward), the Bad Girl who wears fishnet stockings and smokes cigarettes in the bathroom. Joseph's ex-girlfriend, Suzie (AnnaLynne McCord), is the requisite blond Mean Girl. If it weren't for time constraints, I'm sure we'd have been introduced to the Nerd, the Jock, and the Drama Queen, too. You get the idea.