It looks like our James Rocchi wasn't the only one thinking something was off with Oliver Stone's W. as Richard Dreyfuss isn't exactly thrilled with it either. He recently popped up on The View and discussed his thoughts on the film and working with Stone. (Clips online aren't completely inclusive. Jezebel will give you his intro and the start of the discussion about W., while Huffington Post cuts off the beginning, but gives more at the end.)

All in all, Dreyfuss says that he participated in this film for the money, that it's 6/8 of a good film, wonders if the film has any historical legs, and likens working with Stone to working with Sean Hannity. But this is also a good case of needing to see it for yourself. Out of context and in print, his words sound quite rant-filled, but come off as wryly critical in video, with a little sarcasm and humor for good measure.

I must say I appreciate this. In fact, I'm much more likely to see a film where an actor gives his completely honest opinion. Saying "it's pretty good, but not awesome," makes me trust the statement a heck of a lot more than "it's sensational!" What do you think?