Another gaggle of fresh previews this week featuring wizards, robots, and French school teachers. Here we go:

Angels and Demons
- Tom Hanks returns to the role of Robert Langdon in this prequel to The Da Vinci Code based on the novel by Dan Brown. This time he is on the trail of an ancient secret organization called The Illuminati in an attempt to prevent a terrorist act against The Vatican. This teaser trailer doesn't give much to go on, but I'm sure fans of the books are getting all tingly.

The Class
- Francois Begaudeau, who wrote the screenplay and the novel on which this film is based, also stars in this French-language film as a teacher trying to reach a group of mult-ethnic students in a Parisian high school. Comparisons to To Sir With Love seem inevitable, but this looks like it could be worth a look.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
- (extended international trailer) - More Keanu, more devastation and more Gort in this extended trailer. I'm torn here by the fact that this remake doesn't seem to get the idea of the 1951 original but still manages to look pretty cool on its own.