When The Magic Roundabout opened in the UK in 2005, it won general approval as a big-screen adaptation of the small-screen '60s cartoon series of the same name. When the film was then dubbed over with an American voice cast and no shortage of puns and pop culture references, it opened Stateside under the name of Doogal in 2006 to overwhelming (and rightful) disdain. (Seriously, even for a kid's movie, this had my eyes doing laps in their sockets.)

So, whilst perusing Variety earlier today, up popped an advertisement for films in production that were to be featured at this year's American Film Market (or some such), and among the titles listed was what you see to your right: The Magic Roundabout: The Beginning. While I'm sure this'll never make it to the US in any incarnation, I bring it up for two reasons: 1) it's a slow news day, and 2) the very thought that the path had already been paved for one incredibly lazy family film and could easily merit any degree of follow-up after a mere handful of voice-over sessions scares me.

So, in short: The Magic Roundabout 2 = fine by me. Doogal 2 = the terrorists have won.
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