Last year I spent a few weeks in London (Croydon, actually) at the home of a hardcore horror freak named Paul McEvoy. And since Paul is a co-founder and programmer for UK FrightFest, well, let's just say I had a whole bunch of horror flick festival screeners to pick through. It was awesome. One of those discs had the words FRITT VILT scrawled across it, and I didn't even know what language that was. Turns out it was Norwegian and the flick's English title is Cold Prey. Despite the fact that, plot-wise, it's a pretty conventional slasher flick, I quite liked Fritt Vilt, and I was pleased to learn that the sequel is on the way. Anchor Bay will be releasing the original, and you can check out the trailer and website right here.

Looks like After Dark Horrorfest decided to share their newest posters with a few different horror sites. Check out some of 'em at Bloody-D, two more at Shock, and another at Dread Central.

They had a swanky little booth at San Diego Comic Con, and now they've given Dread a new (nasty) clip for your approval. The flick is called Laid to Rest, and I'm certainly looking forward to it. Here's the official site, and yes, you should expect more gore: Director Rob Hall runs a make-up / FX house called Almost Human, and it looks like his team worked overtime on this flick.

Ti West has a new one called The House of the Devil. Early info and promo poster right here. Also at BD, a set report from the Friday the 13th remake.

Wanna watch The Midnight Meat Train right now? Online? For free? Cool. Click here. Curious about when the hell you can see Trick 'r Treat already? Nobody has an answer, but Ryan Rotten delivers a good rant anyway. Anyone out there still interested in the Creepshow franchise after the monumental crap-heap that was Creepshow 3? If so, check out the details on Creepshow: Rawright here and here.

Toronto After Dark has announced their winners, and of course top prize goes to Let the Right One In. Full details over at Twitchfilm. And then check out a free clip from the film right here.
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