One of the movies I've been dying to get a glimpse of is Stephen Daldry's The Reader. The Weinstein flick that didn't get thrown into the Great Harvey Migration of '08, The Reader follows Ralph Fiennes as he thinks back and remembers his first love -- the older Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet). But it isn't merely simple Graduate type of romance. After a summer together, she disappears, not to reappear until years later -- while she's on trial for war crimes because of her work as a guard at Auschwitz.

And that's pretty much what you can see in the trailer above -- which does a good job of setting up this complicated story and heaping on the questions and intrigue. (First you have to watch a trailer before the trailer, so be patient. Gotta love the world we live in today!) Anyhow, this film is setting off those Oscar signals and if this collection of clips is any clue, this has a good chance of bringing Winslet her sixth Oscar nomination. (Whether she actually wins for a change, who knows?!)