When the trailer hit for Yes Man back in July, it was as you'd expect -- a classic Jim Carrey dude loves the word no, overuses it, and then begins to learn the joys of saying yes. Getting to do so under the tutelage of Terence Stamp, with Zooey Deschanel as a love interest, that made it all the better.

But I never imagined that becoming a man who lathers in the warmth of "Yes," would mean becoming Harry Potter. The above picture is one of a handful of new images that have gone up over at /film. Did Jim Carrey get to say yes to crashing the Harry Potter film set? Yes to a theme party? Whatever the reason, I'm sort of wishing that this whole film was a Potter spoof starring Carrey and Deschanel, with John Michael Higgins as Ron. God, that would be good.

Does this inspire you to say "YES!" to Yes Man? The film will hit screens on December 19.
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