You might remember the big shocker last month that Terrence Howard wouldn't be returning as Rhodes in Iron Man 2 because he got replaced by Don Cheadle. The actor said he found out through the trades like the rest of us, and rumors began to run rampant. Now EW is trying to get to the bottom of things and got an interesting bit of news from insiders who say that two things were to blame for the recasting -- money and Howard's performance. The latter isn't too interesting -- apparently Favs wasn't happy with the footage.

But the former -- it appears that Mr. Howard was the highest paid actor on set. Oh yes, he signed first for some hefty sum, and no one else, not even the Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. got as much. So the story goes -- Howard got a drastically reduced offer for #2 unsurprisingly, balked, and Cheadle was tapped. It all sounds fishy to me. Who let the pay get so out of whack, and why are the powers that be upset with his performance when everyone else likes it!?

Meanwhile, the Bruno shenanigans continue in a rather appropriate forum. Yahoo reports that Sacha Baron Cohen's character crashed a rally supporting Proposition 8 -- the bill trying to ban gay marriage in California. I wonder what his poster said...

Finally, I'd like to make a request. In a world where we get movies-musicals-movies, and slews of adaptations, I want to see the latest Waiting for Godot production get its own feature film. Variety reports that a British production is gearing up with -- get this -- Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. Professor X and Magneto. Doing Samuel Beckett!! McKellen will play Estragon, while Stewart plays Vladimir. Now this is worthy of the big screen. Kevin Kline got to follow Pirates of Penzance to the big screen, so it's possible ... I hope.
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