It's official -- Joaquin Phoenix will grace us no more with his onscreen presence. Judging from the Cinematical poll results, you guys are just as shocked and disappointed by his decision as we are. Considering we lost the talents of Heath Ledger earlier this year, may I beg the movie gods to cut us a break here?

But to make (somewhat) light of an awkward situation, we here at Cinematical thought we'd put this question to you -- who you like to see retire from acting altogether? This summer, I hinted I was rather disappointed in Brendan Fraser, who's semi-retired a few times now. A glance at his IMDB page shows it to be scarce. Maybe he should follow Phoenix's example before there's a Mummy 4 or 5, thereby ruining all my fond memories of his performance in Gods and Monsters.

What about Nicolas Cage? Would you rather he go before he makes Bangkok Dangerous 2? Spends the last bit of his Coen Bros cred in endless National Treasure sequels? What about popular whipping boy, Tom Cruise, who's couch-jumping antics have caused him some box-office pain and negative publicity? Maybe golden boy Shia LeBeouf, who was landing so many roles a t-shirt protest began. Maybe you just can't take another magazine cover with Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

Then again, everyone on this list has some incredibly solid roles under their belt -- it's easy to pick on a guy like Cage for some of his choices, until you remember Adaptation. Perhaps you just wish the C-List would go away ... no more movies from Vin Diesel or Paul Walker, not another role from Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Take it away, Cinematical readers. And remember, this is in good fun, and we mean no disrespect to any of the names above.

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