To go with the poster and pictures we debuted last week, the Weinstein Co has finally released a new trailer for Fanboys, the Star Wars themed comedy you may actually see in your lifetime. (Remember, it was delayed yet again, supposedly to January 2009.) You can watch it over on Yahoo! Movies and have a good laugh on this crazy election day. It has the guy from Die Hard 4 in it! Can you believe that?

It's a cute trailer -- I'm afraid that I've seen this footage so many times over the past two years that it's lost its effectiveness for me. (I saw the clip with the original Harry Knowles imitator. Seeing it recast is like being in Bizarro World.) However, Erik Davis and Scott Weinberg both saw it at San Diego ComicCon this past summer, and both liked it. (Click on their names to see their reviews.) Their positive reaction gives me hope that I'll be rewarded with hilarity after recording Fanboys' ups and downs for so very long. I just hope I see it before I'm ninety-four years old, with no recollection as to what Star Wars is.