Forget being merely the side spotlight, love interest, and co-star to the hordes of funny men out there. Jenna Fischer has grabbed the top line. Variety reports that she's signed on to star in a new indie dramedy called A Little Help -- the feature directorial debut for Michael J. Weithorn (creator of King of Queens). Now you may be envisioning what sort of "help" she's going to give or get, but I bet you weren't thinking this: the film focuses on "a recently widowed single mom who reconnects with an old flame -- her sister's husband."

Yes, we're finally going to see her break out and grab the spotlight all for herself. But we get to watch her do it while stealing her sister's husband. Do we need more instigators to tap into that inner paranoia and make male-female friendships, or friendships with exes for that matter, such dangerous territory? This idea was creepy enough in 27 Dresses, and that was pre-wedding shenanigans. (I know there are other sibling/romance triangles out there, but I'm hitting a mental roadblock. Help me out!)

At the very least, I'm eager to see how she handles such a sticky situation. While Fischer is quickly becoming a beloved female laugh machine, she hasn't gotten to stretch this far before. The film begins production in January.
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