While you might think that the end of the Howard brothers would mean the end of the Three Stooges,Variety reports that Peter andBobby Farrelly are bringing the Stooges to the new millennium. After years of trying at Warner Bros., the brothers turned to MGM -- a studio that has not only welcomed the idea, but also picked out a release date already. Should the film get cooking soon, Three Stoogeswill be released opposite Sherlock Holmes on November 20, 2009. They must really love the idea to pit it against Robert Downey Jr.

Me, however, I don't love it. I grew up on the Three Stooges; they were a mainstay of my house. You cannot have Larry, Moe, and Curly without Larry, Moe, and Curly. You can argue the finer points of Curly love, and whether any of his many replacements worked as well, but there's a reason that the trio ended with the deaths of Larry and Moe. Sure, Moe tried to replace Larry in 1975, but since he died a few months later, nothing came of it.

And the Howard brothers plus Mr. Fine aside, I can picture what a Farrelly version of the Stooges will be, and I don't like it. The REAL trio did hundreds of films, so check those out instead, like the clip above.
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