I chuckled when I saw that L.A. Screamfest was playing a film called Night of the Living Jews. And now it looks like you can buy a copy over at Heeb Magazine. Hey, I just chuckled again. Also, Arrow has a cool clip from Eric Red's ghost chiller 100 Feet, while Twitch has the trailer for Deadgirl.

If you liked EW's "nudity bracket game," then you'll no doubt enjoy this new one that celebrates the scary stuff. And here's a goofy little promo quiz from MGM / Fox Home Video. I include this one only because their recent catalog titles (Pumpkinhead and Child's Play) have been really damn solid.

Now here's something that sounds pretty exciting. In an effort to squeeze a few extra nickels out of next February's Friday the 13th remake, Paramount Home Video will (finally) give Region 1 an UNCUT special edition of the original Friday the 13th. Me, I bought a WB R2 copy the last time I was in London, so I know I have the "full" demises of Annie and Pamela, but I don't know if it has the extended Marcie (axe-head) or Jack (bed-arrow). Either way the new SE will also have other goodies. (And Blu-Ray!) Check the news at Shock. Hopefully this paves the way for future "uncut" releases for this franchise. You could make an entirely new sequel out of the deleted footage. (Note: Digital Bits is reporting that Part 2 and Part 3 will also get new DVDs on the same day.)

And hey, let's hear it for Alien Raiders. After going over rather well at Fantastic Fest, the sci-fi horror flick has won a whole saucer full of awards at several small-but-cool genre festivals. (The DVD comes out in February.) And speaking of Alamo Drafthouse, those nuts are re-playing some of their favorite flicks from this past September's FFest. The titles are Repo! The Genetic Opera, Let the Right One In, Timecrimes, and JCVD. (Info here.) And speaking of Let the Right One In, Petey Hall of HND has finally chimed in with his thoughts. And they are here.
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