Actors and filmmakers can get themselves into some pretty hairy situations when researching a role. But usually they're shadowing someone or questioning someone -- not trying things out first-hand. The Calgary Herald/ reports that a Canadian filmmaker, Mark Twitchell, has been arrested and charged with first degree murder of a man named Johnny Brian Altinger.

Police believe that the victim was lured to Twitchell's place thinking that he had a blind date with a girl he met on the 'net. And here's where it gets all sorts of weird: it was all written out in a script called House of Cards -- about a killer who lured men to their deaths on the pretense of dates with women. (The above link shares a Facebook casting call for the film.) This script also talked about how the killer forced victims to reveal login information -- something that makes this scenario all the more likely since Altinger's friends received a strange and unbelievable e-mail that he was headed to Costa Rica with a new woman. Altinger's body hasn't been found yet, but police say they've found forensic evidence.

And this leads to the other twist: Twitchell is said to be a big fan of Dexter, so there's a chance this murder is not only detailing his own work, but that of the popular show. (I guess the guy didn't take his MySpace list of heroes to heart.) Now time will only tell if someone out there will make House of Cards become a big-screen reality.
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