She might not get the chance to shine as Pope Joan, but it looks like Run Lola Run star Franka Potente is getting a different dramatic chance to shine. Variety reports that she is going to headline a new lost-at-sea film called Wave -- joining the likes of Dougray Scott and Marianne Faithful.

Based on Louise Longo's Let Me Survive, the film will focus on an English family -- mom (Potente) plus husband and 5-year-old daughter -- who set out for a three-week cruise on the Bay of Biscay. But a storm rushes in as they're just 40 miles from the Spanish coast, and the family decide that they'd be safer in the life raft, waiting to be rescued. But Bernard is injured getting into the liferaft and dies, as does the young girl. And that's not the end of the story -- after being rescued two weeks later, "she's then alleged to have killer her husband."

Basically, this is really meaty fare that I think Potente can excel at. She's got the chops, and just needs a chance to showcase them. Maria Ripoll (Tortilla Soup) will direct, from an adaptation penned by Marie-Laure Bertehlin and Greg Latter. And while I'm usually against similar, or repetitive competing pictures, this would be excellently matched with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor -- one outlining the loss of family while the other deals with isolated, inner turmoil. Any takers?
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