I just knew Jonesy would love Hellboy 2, not just because the flick is full of wild visuals and trippy sounds ... but also because Hellboy loves the kitties. And Jonesy respects that in a bad-ass superhero. And here's some great news for the non-feline readers: Not only is Hellboy 2: The Golden Army a wild, warm, sweet and smart mixture of action, sci-fi, horror and fantasy -- but the movie really gets better with a second and third visit. I initally stood my ground and insisted that the first Hellboy was the (slightly) better film, but I've reversed that opinion recently. And I don't mind admitting it.

Probably my favorite thing about HB2: TGA is the logical-yet-ironic motivation of the main baddie. Watch the movie closely (and listen carefully) and you'd be hard-pressed to actually call him a villain. (Well, at first, anyway. What Prince Nuada does to his own dad is really not cool.) And that awesome sequence with the forest elemental? Very cool on a surface level, but once Del Toro gives Hellboy something to chew on -- that he'll be destroying the last of a powerful species -- the movie transcends simple escapism. Plus there's tons of action, some strong comedy, loads of colorful characters, some really dazzling locations, and tons of meowing cats. Oh, and an animated puppet war that's breathtaking and a Barry Manilow homage that's hilarious.

But here comes the icing: Think of the Guillermo del Toro DVDs that you have in your collection. (Or should!) Virtually every single one is packed to the gills with extra goodies as insightful as they are plentiful. And as far as commentaries go, Guillermo is always a treat to listen to. But there's a LOT more in this package than just a director's chat-track. Keep on reading for a breakdown of the extras and (if you're good) a few nifty clips, just to keep you warm until the DVD hits next Tuesday.
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