Well, I guess there were only so many ghost stories out there that revolved around 'creepy little kids', so it was about time that Hideo Nakata started to look elsewhere for thrills. Variety reports that Nakata will be embarking on his second English-language feature (after The Ring 2) with the psychological thriller Chatroom. So before you ask, no, this will not be a technophobe thriller along the lines of Pulse or One Missed Call. So breathe a big sigh of relief, because if there is one thing that I think this world could do without, it is a horror movie about a killer chatroom.

Chatroom centers on six teenagers who become involved in an online chatroom that encourages its members to engage in destructive and suicidal behaviors out in the 'real world'. The film is based on the 2005 play of the same name by Enda Walsh and Walsh will be adapting his own play for the big screen. Walsh won the Cannes Camera d'Or back in 2001, so at least the guy knows his way around a screenplay.

So while it would seem that Chatroom is a little outside of Nakata's usual 'supernatural stomping grounds', it doesn't look like that has been keeping anyone up at night. WestEnd Films' (who is in charge of selling the property) founder told Variety, "Nakata has come up with something very visual, very conceptual, and situated somewhere between Disturbia and Cube, " -- so I can only assume that Nakata's film is going to work in a few scares with his teen angst. At least the topic of online suicide clubs is something that the native Japanese director is probably pretty familiar with.

Chatroom will begin filming on location in the UK this spring -- hopefully without a waterlogged pre-teen girl in sight.
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