"I think if I was President, I could talk the foreign countries into getting along and they would really like me."

In Paris Hilton's new movie -- the futuristic, goth-inspired musical horror 'Repo! The Genetic Opera,' from the director of the 'Saw' series -- she's Amber Sweet, heiress to an organ-financing and -repossessing mega-corporation in the not-too-distant year 2056. Amber is addicted to surgery, hooked on street drugs and completely incapable of thinking for herself (we can't do it, but feel free to insert your own Paris joke here).

Hilton dished exclusively to Moviefone about what she's really like when the cameras aren't rolling, what she sees in her future, why she thinks she'd make a good President ... oh, and plastic surgery and making BFFs all over the world. C'mon -- you know you're curious.

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