Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in 'Twlight'The craziness about the romance between a high school girl and a beautiful vampire has stretched across the Atlantic into some very strange territory. Blogging for The Guardian UK, Lisa Marks claims that Twilight has spawned a "rather interesting hybrid demographic who are getting their knickers in a twist" about the film's upcoming release (November 21 in the US, December 19 in the UK).

She defines the demographic as "teenage girls, young female adults and their mums" and says the demographic needs a name. She prefers "Twums," though she also suggests "Vampults," "Fantaseenagers," and "Mothersuckers." I finally made time to read the first novel in the Twilight series this summer, though I haven't delved into the many fan sites that have blossomed since the book's publication. But if you need a name to refer to Twilight fans -- besides, I don't know, "Twilight fans" -- what's wrong with "Twilighters"?

The larger question, though, and one that might have broader implications, is whether this "hybrid demographic" is actually new and will support films other than Twilight. Odd designations aside, that's the claim of Marks' blog post, but she doesn't point to any other possibilities down the road.

What other movies could spark interest among teenage girls, young female adults, and slightly older women (a press release from Fandango claims 42% of respondents to their online survey about Twilight are 25 or older) to this degree? The Guardian thinks romance is the driving force behind the "new" demographic, but doesn't the book (and series) tap into a wider array of issues, beyond the love story, that makes it appealing to so many people?

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