Move over, Ted Danson and Richard Harris -- there's a new Lemuel Gulliver in town! I guess going all the way back to Year One wasn't enough for Jack Black, because Varietyreports that Twentieth Century Fox has grabbed the actor to star in a remake of the classic Gulliver's Travels, getting all tall in Lilliput. Rob Letterman (Shark Tale) is directing the film, from a script by Nicholas Stoller and Joe Stillman.

This incarnation is said to be a "contemporary reimagining," which means -- Lemuel will be "a free-spirited travel writer" rather than a surgeon, who goes on assignment to the Bermuda Triangle, only to wash ashore on the hidden island of Lilliput. There, as we all know, he comes across "a population of industrius, yet tiny, people."

With Black on board, and being all "modernized," I think it's safe to assume that this will be more slapstick and silly than Swiftian social commentary. But really, I don't get the appeal. Is the material really asking for a reimagining, and when did old-school stories better left in the past suddenly become such hot property? (Three Stooges)

I'm not so sure about all of this, but what do you think? Will Black make a good, modern, Lemuel Gulliver? And moreover, if they're reimagining this sucker, shouldn't he get a more modern name?
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