Everyone still has mixed feelings about The Spirit, and I don't know how many of us will actually line up to see it this Christmas -- but you can't deny that, visually, it's awfully fun to look at. A whole bunch of new photos have appeared over on MovieWeb, including the one of Eva Mendes I've posted above. And browsing through them, I feel myself relenting on its goofiness and Sin City color palette. For me, it's all about the hair, the clothes, and the fantastic lipstick. I may see this for the sole reason of studying and borrowing Sand Saref's entire look for my every day blogging attire. Well, and shirtless Spirit looks pretty darn good too -- and because it's not fair to post a photo just for the guys, I'm posting Gabriel Macht below. Like I said, there's some tasty eye candy for everyone. It might be worth a giant wrench and toliet battle just to experience some lushly painted noir.

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