It's the 6th of November, and that means we get a brand new Watchmen video. This one comes embedded courtesy of MySpace, and hopefully it will be working better by the time you read this, as I still haven't gotten to watch the whole thing without a glitch. No, the thorny question of "Did you change the ending?!" is not addressed ... come on, they do these too far in advance to cater to our whims. No, this one is all about the girls of Watchmen -- because despite the masculine sounding title, there's girls in this story, and they kick some major butt. Watch as Zack Snyder introduce you to Silk Spectre the First and Second, as played by Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman.

The girls aren't the only Watchmen characters you can meet this week -- be sure to pop onto the official site and be properly introduced to the Comedian. He's front and center, impossible to miss, and would make a charming addition to your desktop.