Welcome to Insert Caption, the game where Cinematical editor Erik Davis usually writes something reasonably funny in the opening graph, but since Erik is on a set visit across the pond, we're instead left with a massive void. Congrats to last week's Role Models winner-elects below, the world already feels like a better place because of you. (Btw, if you like your comedy awesome, check out Role Models this weekend.)

1. "Barack? Mr. Ayres is here to pick you up to go pallin' around." -- Charles P.

2. "So Angie just returned this one?"
-- Kyle S.

3. "Damn...I was hoping I would get McLovin." -- Andrew W.

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This week we move on to the country continent of Africa with the animated sequel Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. As much as we'd like to send you there for your own romp with precocious and adorable talking animals, instead we're offering the three writers of our favorite captions a prize pack that includes the soundtrack (do you like to move it, move it?), three stuffed animals (Alex, Marty and Gloria), a flash drive and a poster signed by the cast. Good deal, say we. Sound off now...

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