I'm still reeling from the news ofAbout a Boy's Nicholas Hoult growing up and playing a sexually ambiguous grad student, and now we've got another to add to the mix. (Not the sexually ambiguous mix, just the all-grown-up mix.)

Remember the cutie from Jerry Maguire? That little youngin' with the pinchable cheeks, spikey blonde hair, and glasses almost too big for his face? He was played by Jonathan Lipnicki (pictured), and The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's grabbed a starring role in a new psychological thriller called The Other Side of Innocence. Now a high school senior, Lipnicki will play "a damaged young man who becomes romantically involved with the unhappy daughter of the local chief detective while a serial killer is threatening their town."

The project is also a bit of a big return for scribe Robert Redlin. He hit the scene in 1990 with After Dark, My Sweet, waited 8 years before penning another, and then waited another 10 before writing this year's Bare Knuckles and stopping his decade-long hiatuses by penning this film as well. Devorah Cutler will direct.

But I wonder who's next? Miko Hughes? Oh wait.. Make him number three. After playing Gage in Pet Sematary and Dylan in New Nightmare, he apparently had a cameo in Tropic Thunder and also has a new flick on the way called City of Shoulders and Noses. Any other ol' tykes you're curious about from the '90s?
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