Holy crap! Just when you think there's no chance... Back in January of 2007, Jessica posted about the woes of the impendingOldboy remake. Director Justin Lin was backing out of the project, and it looked like the whole thing would dissolve into development hell. And it did.

But now it might be getting one hell of a Hollywood power-team behind it. Variety reports that Tinseltown bigwigs Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are circling the project. DreamWorks is working on getting the rights, Universal will distribute it, I imagine Spielberg will helm it, and Smith will play the lead ... if everything works out.

If you've missed the original by Chan-wook Park, Oldboy centers on a man who is kidnapped and imprisoned in a cell for 15 years with no explanation, until he is released one day and given a cell phone, money, and clothes. He then sets out to discover what happened and get his revenge.

It'll be great, meaty material for Smith, but I don't know if a big, mainstream project is the way to go. Then again, at least it will probably barely resemble the original. What do you think? Should the project have stayed in limbo, or are Spielberg and Smith the men to make it happen?
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