Pictured: The real Christine Collins (circa 1928) and Angelina Jolie as Collins in the 2008 film Changeling. [photo via Lapl]

Films based on true stories are my big vice. If I avoid the project, I can save myself some energy, but as soon as I start reading into it, or actually go and see it, I begin to get the research itch. Soon my browser has a million windows open as I research what's true, what's unknown, and what's complete Hollywood fabrication. If you're at all like that, you'll appreciate the comprehensive research into Changeling conducted by Larry Harnisch for the LA Times.

This collection of posts has got everything -- we're talking maps that point out where Christine Collins lived over the years and background info like census responses and voter registration, photos from the twenties as well as current shots, an absolute ton of news clippings, and people involved in the incident who were not in the film. You can see what Christine Collins really looked like (which could fuel more "too attractive to be believable?" discussion, although I don't think there's a terrible difference), see the faux son, and the real Walter Collins (it's amazing that they would even try to pass one off as the other...). What's particularly nice about this is that it's not a written piece -- but rather all the different aged relics, so you can read the articles published during the drama and sift through the memories on your own. If you're the least bit interested in this strange story, check it out.

What do you think? Based on that image of the real Christine Collins, was Jolie too attractive for the role?
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