Have you always been interested in watching films, but only those featuring the eclectic works of Mr. Kevin Bacon? Trust me, I know how addicting watching Footloose at 3am can be -- and, yes, my neighbors get pissed off as well when I decide to re-enact the final number on my wood floor wearing a pair of loud black Bacon-esque shoes. But what can you do -- it's Kev! Luckily, us Bacon-ators finally have something to keep us busy: The Kevin Bacon Movie Club. For just twenty bucks a month, you'll receive a new Kevin Bacon film in the mail, along with a signed poster and -- wait for it -- Kevin Bacon himself will deliver it and watch the flick with you! Classic! Um, honey, cancel our plans for every weekend for the rest of our lives STAT! Check out the snazzy commercial below for more details, and in case you were wondering ... I've already signed up. Who knew they actually shot Apollo 13 in space? I sure as heck didn't!