Who doesn't love watching full length movies, free, from the warmth of your laptop? It sounds lame, but I live for the weekends when I can curl up under my down comforter (I live in a climate akin to Moscow) and watch Magnum Force at 2am. (1970s Clint Eastwood and I are still going very strong, thank you.)

Well, thanks to a new deal struck between MGM and YouTube, free movie junkies will have another outlet to get their fix. According to The Hollywood Reporter, YouTube will begin showing full length television shows and films from MGM archives. The partnership kicks off with old American Gladiator episodes (yawn), but will soon step it up to include such brilliance as The Magnificent Seven. (For some reason, Bulletproof Monk is cited right alongside it -- which, arguably, is fine for 2am viewing but shouldn't be mentioned anywhere near The Magnificent Seven.)

The downside? There will be advertisements running right alongside the video. And while ad banners are so rampant as to be easily tuned out, nothing can gunk up a streaming video like those wonderful badly coded advertisements. So while it will be very nice to be able to access The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly at any time of the day or night, it might be too, well, bad and ugly to watch. If you're dying to watch free movies, take it from Scott Weinberg and I -- just invest in a Netflix subscription and stick with the Watch Instantly feature for now. Hopefully, MGM will soon realize its movies deserve a similarly luxurious treatment, and make their film archives available to subscribers.