I'm going to attempt to write this as spoiler free as possible, saddened that as a Cinematical blogger, I inevitably ruin every single movie for myself.

According to The Guardian, Baz Luhrmann was reportedly convinced to change the ending of Australia after "intense discussions" with 20th Century Fox. Early test screenings were quite negative towards the original ending which is, apparently, quite a downer. Now, you'll save on Kleenex, because it's being rewritten for everyone to live happily ever after. (You're probably saying "Just say what the ending is, it's not a spoiler if it's changed!" but I don't want to take the risk. Please don't blab it in the comments, either.)

Over at Rope of Silicon, they say Fox insists Luhrmann has the final cut, and his vision is being respected. If the ending has been changed, it's because he wanted to change it. So there's both sides, and I guess we'll be able to put two and two together after we see the film. To add a little extra credence to this story, the fact that The Australian was reporting as of Halloween that the film still wasn't done suggests the ending could be one of the final difficulties. The Guardian only mentions a rewrite, and not a reshoot, so let's hope they filmed some alternate versions in order to avoid further delay. Now that I've lost The Road, I'm counting on The Drover to brighten up Thanksgiving weekend.

A few new images from the film were also just released, and we've added them to our brand new Australia gallery below. The ending might be changed, but she certainly is a beauty to look at.

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