Look, the original Karate Kid is one of those films that stays close to my heart at all times, and I totally see how you all would feel disgruntled after hearing the news that Jaden Smith (aka Will Smith's kid) will be starring in a remake. Good news is they're changing it up and setting the flick abroad, however the central concept (of a bullied boy who learns life lessons from an eccentric karate mentor) will remain the same. If Smith's kid has half the charm and charisma of his pop in a leading performance, this could turn out to be a reasonably successful re-launching for the younger tweens.

Right now, we're not sure whether they'll be using the name Mr. Miyagi (as played by Pat Morita in the original Karate Kid franchise) for this new film. Assuming they are, though, who do you think should play him? Defamer threw up a pretty funny list of suggestions today that includes Nicolas Cage, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson ("I want this motherf**king wax ON and OFF my motherf**king CAR"). Of course, most will also throw Jackie Chan's name in, though Miyagi was always a great character because he looked so unassuming and weak. Chan could play eccentric, but would he look the part?

I'm completely up in the air on this one. What do you think: Who could play Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid remake?
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