Earlier this month, Cinematical managed to chat up director Danny Boyle, whose film Slumdog Millionaire (one of my favorites of the year, actually) hits select theaters tomorrow. We'll post our full interview a bit later on, but we couldn't wait to share a bit more Trainspotting news with you. As you may or may not already know, Boyle is keen on making a Trainspotting sequel (based on that book's follow-up, Porno). However, because the film would have to take place roughly ten years after the events of the original, Boyle has insisted that he'd like to wait awhile to let the actors age. But here's been the big question: While Boyle is down, would his original cast be back?

Here's what Boyle had to say when I asked him just that: "Actually, I've got a bit of news on that one. We've had this plan for awhile now to make a film that's generational; how they would be guys now who were clearly and visibly middle aged. Well, what's just happened in Britain is that they're preparing to release a new DVD of [Trainspotting], and they've done a series of interviews for the special features on the DVD ... and good news is all the actors have come back to participate in these interviews. So I think that's a sign that if we do get them looking right, they'll be prepared to do it -- that they're getting to a point where they're thinking, 'Yeah, that could be interesting.' Because everyone will have to be in the right frame of mind in order to do it; they need to age a bit still. I want them to feel different ... and older."

Boyle later told me that he does hope to eventually make the sequel one day. That, coupled with the news that the original cast have reunited for a new Trainspotting DVD, means another flick is most certainly in the cards.
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