Before we begin, let me just say that our little Halloween Costume Contest received a record turnout this year, and it's taken some time for our team of crack judges to narrow down the field to ten finalists in each of the two categories. 2008 was by far the toughest year yet, and all of us here at Cinematical were amazed to see the creativity, passion, love and just plain movie geekdom that went into all of these costumes. Unfortunately, we couldn't make everyone a finalist as there were only ten spots available in the adult category and child category, but we feel our selections represent the best of the best. From all of us here at the site to all of you out there -- thank you for participating, thank you for reading and thank you for being a fan. Now, onto the voting!

Here's how this works: Below you will see a photo gallery for each category. Within each photo gallery, there are ten images which represent each finalist alongside a number and the character they're dressed up as. Below each gallery there is a poll listing the numbers and characters as per the order they show up in their gallery (note: this order is random). We need you to look through each gallery, then vote for who you feel has the best costume in the polls. Got it? Good.

The Adult Finalists are listed below, and the Kid Finalists are listed after the jump (along with the prizing and official rules). We'll keep the voting open through Friday. Good luck!

Halloween Costume Contest: Adult Finalists