Will Smith is certainly prepping his son for superstardom. Jaden Smith starred with dad in The Pursuit of Happyness, grabbed an Amulet, signed on for The Day the Earth Stood Still, and is now definitely taking on the world of the Karate Kid. At this rate, he'll hit the big leagues a good decade before his pop did, although nothing quite compares with starting your career as the Fresh Prince.

Just over a year ago, there was a rumor that the project was coming together, and all these months later, it's now been confirmed by Variety. The untitled remake is being penned by Chris Murphy, with plans to shoot next year in Beijing and other cities. Not much is being said about the plot, but it looks like this is merely taking the theme of the film, rather than the story. It's leaving the confines of the US, has got a much younger star, and "will borrow elements of the original plot, wherein a bullied youth learns to stand up for himself with the help of an eccentric mentor."

Are you into a 10-year-old karate kid standing up for himself in Beijing? Weigh in below!
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