Two weeks ago, Scott Weinberg and I sat down to discuss the DVD release of The Incredible Hulk. It proved to be a popular conversation starter among readers, and I had planned on doing it again the next time there was a big movie release to theaters or DVD. I don't want to abuse the format, and I hardly think everyone wants to just read my goofy AIM conversations. But with the news that First Avenger: Captain Americafinally had its director in Joe Johnston, I decided that the news was worthy of sitting down with the biggest Captain America fan I know, Wes Robinson. Robinson is the steady first mate of Enchanted Grounds, arguably my favorite place in Colorado. Robinson is one of the best Dungeon Masters in the state, pulls the coolest comics for me, is a maker of fine food and coffee, and an all around awesome guy.

What I think is particularly key about a conversation like this is how quickly it destroys the notion that devoted fans are impossible to please. We really are an enthusiastic and optimistic group of people, badly represented by a few rabid nuts with online access. Don't get me wrong -- I know they exist and I've written about them, but this notion that "the fans will hate it anyway, so who cares" really ignores the normal, happy-go-lucky fans that I know and write for. So, more than a goofy AIM conversation, think of this yet another effort to knock down that Berlin Wall of bad reputation. And I hope you enjoy, and pick up the conversation where it left off.

Wes: Captain America!!!

Elisabeth: Yeah! Let's talk Captain America!

Wes: Okay!

Elisabeth: So, what do you think of the choice of director?

Wes: Well I was a big fan of The Rocketeer ...I think he will be able to capture the feel of a period piece Cap movie for sure. I mean, that's really the only way to do the first Cap movie -- set in WWII. I am happy they chose someone who is familiar with doing period pieces. So overall, I am very optimistic about the choice.

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