Look to the right side of this post and tell me that you could possibly ignore that movie. I know that I can't, and that's what I've decided to share with you everything I just dug up on a little flick called Sharks in Venice (the trailer -- attached below the jump -- has Shark as singular, while IMDb lists both; already, the thrills!).

All I know is that none other than Stephen "Bio-Dome" Baldwin stars as an archaeologist who is forced by the Mafia to recover an underwater treasure ... one hidden beneath the very canals that are now swarming with sharks! But of course!

(Okay, maybe just one shark, which would be only slightly less bad.) (OK, bad-ass.)

If the IMDb message boards are to be believed, this puppy is sure making an odd bid for awards glory by premiering Stateside on the Sci-Fi Channel this December 14th, before hitting DVD the following January. However, bear in mind that supporting Sharks in Venice might be just what it takes to get that Meg project back off the ground. If you believe, clap your hands!

[Thanks to DVD Active for making my life that much closer to complete, and be sure to check out the trailer embedded below.]
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