Our previous reports on this troubled-but-provocative animated project can be found here and here, but the latest news comes by way of Twitch, who got it from one of the film's producers on this message board right here. The project is a new-fangled adaptation of Heavy Metal, the producer is Kevin Eastman, and the latest dish is this: Three directors have agreed to direct segments for the film: David Fincher, Zack Snyder, and Gore Verbinski. Woo! And Eastman promises more names to come!

Check out the Twitch report for a few more specifics, because I'm about to offer a very brief history lesson: The Heavy Metal franchise began with this widely-acclaimed publication before spawning movie versions like this one and this one. For more on Heavy Metal, I refer you to my pal Wiki-P.

But uh, I couldn't care less if this project goes back to Paramount or not. With directors like those ones already on board, you can consider my interest duly piqued no matter who bankrolls the thing. So if we're talking about dark sci-fi fantasy animation ... which other directors would you include? Del Toro, Jackson, and Nolan, obviously, but how about Danny Boyle, Brad Anderson, or Tim Burton? The possibilities are quite entertaining to consider -- especially when you consider that Heavy Metal will almost definitely be an R-rated affair.
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