Frost/NixonNixon reveals his inner Dick.

Disgraced President Richard Nixon (Frank Langella) and playboy talk-show host David Frost (Michael Sheen) meet in an unlikely clash of the Titans in the aptly named 'Frost/Nixon.'

Directed by Ron Howard and based on the acclaimed play by 'The Queen' screenwriter Peter Morgan, the film is a behind-the-scenes chronicle of the real-life interview in which a post-impeachment Tricky Dick used every, well, trick in the book to try to preserve his legacy.

Unlike the man he portrays, Langella's performance as the demon-haunted ex-prez is nothing short of unimpeachable; look for his name on the ballot come Oscar time. Until then, check out an exclusive clip from the flick right here.

'Frost/Nixon' opens in limited release on Dec. 5.

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