Bit by tenuous bit, Todd Solondz's next film is coming together. It started brewing in June of 2007, then stalled due to money issues, and then got cooking again in August with the help of Werc Werk Works. But now, oh now, the film has got its superstar.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Paris Hilton has signed onto the dramatic comedy, along with Allison Janney and Charlotte Rampling. (In addition: "Ciaran Hinds, Shirley Henderson, Renee Taylor, Michael Lerner, Michael Kenneth Williams, Chane't Johnson, Eric Wareheim, and Chris Marquette are among the other actors that Werc Werk Works announced as joining the project. ")

Once called Life During Wartime (there's no title attached to the current news), the film still stars Paul Reubens and focuses on a family during wartime. If nothing has changed, it brings together characters from Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness with different people playing the roles. I first imagined Reubens as Dawn Wiener, but maybe it's Paris?

This could be terrible, and help along Solondz's cinematic decline, but I wonder if this could have House of Yes potential -- in other words, could Paris pull off something Tori Spelling-esque? If anything can make her interesting, I'd think it'd be screen time with PeeWee and Janney. Thoughts?
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