Batman fans know that The Dark Knight borrowed heavily from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's graphic novel, The Long Halloween. In an interview with Flavorwire, Sale suggested that if Christopher Nolan was looking for a story to inspire a third Batman film, he might want to look at their Halloween sequel, Batman: Dark Victory.

The one catch for Nolan and Christian Bale? On its edge, Dark Victory is a Robin origin story -- but Sale points out that he was as resistant to the idea of including the Boy Wonder as Nolan is. "Jeph had to drag me to the idea of Robin kicking and screaming, but then I started living with a single mom, and she had an 8-year-old boy who over the years became more Robin-ish. Jeph based Bruce and Dick's relationship on mine with the boy, that push-and-pull. Dark Victory shows the change of Gotham from a town overrun by gangsters into a town that is governed by "freaks" (Jeph's term). His creation of triumvirate of Batman/Dent/Gordon - what they saw happening to their city and how they were going to address it - pushed the story farther than before. In many ways I think it is some of my best drawing. Not necessarily my best work, but my best drawing."

Dark Victory would be a great stepping stone for a third Batman film -- it's already a favorite of Bale's. Through the series, our bat-clad hero struggles with doubt, fear, working alone (refusing the help of Commissioner Gordon), and losing touch with his own humanity. Robin's intrusion into Batman's life helps center Batman, who begins treating him as something close to a son. If you are going to ever introduce Robin into the Nolan-verse, this would be the way to do it, since he's a far cry from the versions we've been subjected to onscreen.

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