Pretty soon, the studios will bring the full court press in terms of marketing their big 2009 blockbusters. We've already seen Warner Bros. and Paramount try to one-up each other with regards to pushing Watchmen andStar Trek, and I've heard debut trailers for X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Night at the Museum 2 are literally right around the corner. Angels & Demons has already shoveled out a teaser, and I'm sure Harry Potter is just waiting for all this Twilight nonsense to go away before he starts bringing the pain. As per usual, we're not even done with 2008, and yet all we seem to care about is 2009. Go figure.

We'll probably run this poll a couple of times prior to the real beginning of the season, but we're curious to see what your radar looks like a few months out. Not all of these films have begun their big push yet, but it'll be interesting to see which ones are your most anticipated based on the very little we've seen so far. Below are, in our opinion, the 18 biggest blockbusters of 2009. If we left off your favorite, feel free to write her in down below. (Oh, and that's an image of my most anticipated blockbuster of 2009 up top.)

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