I'll be honest: I never really believed the legend of the Arrested Development movie. It was made up just to torment me. I'd get all excited, and then the moment would never arrive; the project would simply peter out; we'd hear less and less about it until the blogosphere buzz became a distant memory.

I still can't get too invested in this. So much could go wrong. But in the spirit of commiseration with fellow AD-deprived fans, I share this news from a Collider interview with Jeffrey Tambor. Asked if he was growing tired of people demanding news about the Arrested Development movie project, Tambor replied: "Well no, because we're doing it." Oh snap! "We are going. It's a go. I actually just this week talked to Mitch Hurwitz, so we're doing it." No script or start date, but at the end of the interview he tells Collider's Steve Weintraub to "get your hopes up."

Oh, okay. Honestly, I rewatch episodes of the show as often as I can, and generally react with something like tears of awe (as well as laughter). Arrested Development is what genius looks like. Will we get to see it on the big screen? I'm not convinced, but I guess I'll start to get my hopes up.
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