What happens when you put Malcolm McDowell, Jessica Pare, Dave Foley, Moby, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Carol Pope, and Henry Rollins on the bloodsucking hunt? A movie that definitely doesn't Suck.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that all of the above have signed on to a new Canadian horror-comedy called, both appropriately and inappropriately -- Suck. From writer/director Rob Stefaniuk (Phil the Alien), the film will follow "rock 'n' roll wannabes in search of fame and vampires." I never realized that the two went together. I mean, after a slew of episodes of True Blood, I'd might believe it if the hunters found vamps during Sex Addicts Anonymous... But then again, if anyone would know how to find the world's vamps, I imagine it would be Alice Cooper. Mixing him with the wonderful Henry, plus Mr. McDowell and Foley sounds downright excellent.

Production begins later this month in Toronto, and I hereby offer myself as set-visiter, bringer of Rollins' black coffee, bloodletter.
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