In a gloomy urban German nowhereland, morose 60-something Edmond (Vadim Glowna) walks the streets alone, the surrounding prison-bar railings and angular staircases framing his solitary stroll as well as mirroring his feelings of being trapped by his past. Did his wife and daughter die accidentally in a car crash or was it suicide, he wonders, a depressing, unshakable fixation that spurs an old friend of his, Kogi (Maximilian Schell), to recommend that he visit a clandestine establishment where elder gentlemen can sleep alongside slumbering young women.

These heavily sedated sleeping beauties cannot be awakened nor do they remember their nocturnal rendezvous, a situation that hints at deviant sex but, for Edmond, merely provides an opportunity to freely talk about love, life, transience, his deceased spouse and child, and his mother, all topics which he expounds upon while lying naked next to his comatose companions. Is, as he wonders, the mysterious proprietor of this business, Madame (Angela Winkler), the "bringer of death"? Are the dead bodies of certain girls being surreptitiously removed from the premises in the back of a car? Is Kogi somehow mixed up in Madame's strange enterprise, which cautions clients against forming emotional attachments and forbids them outright from following the ladies during the day?
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