"It was all a dream! It was all a dream! It was all probably a coke-induced dream!"

My friend pointed me towards this clever YouTube video by the Fine Brothers, in which the duo do exactly what they set out to: reveal one hundred movie endings within four minutes. It's like the logical extension to that spoiler T-shirt that made the rounds a while back, and while the Meg Ryan streak they demonstrate (you'll see) is telling enough (not to mention the sports movie bits), I could see them pulling pretty much off the same thing with Drew Barrymore -- not that it's their fault, more so the industry's. (Oh, and this video is pretty much exactly what I get for not having seen Wild Things by this point in my life.)

And for those so inclined as to watch the same thing, only with the brothers naked, click here and, um, enjoy. (SPOILER ALERT! They're not wearing clothes!)
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