I think David O. Russell is a masochist.

He stirs up drama on set that makes shooting tense, but even more to the point: After spending much of the last year with the struggle to get Nailed shot, he's going for a project that's been in limbo for two years. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the director is in negotiations to helm The Grackle. If you have a really good memory and have been following Cinematical closely for the last few years, you might remember when the project got cooking with Matthew McConaughey in June of 2006.

First described as a film about "a Southern jack-of-all-trades hired 'by those who have trouble fighting for themselves,'" Grackle is now being described as a "New Orleans-set comedy [that] centers on a barroom fighter who helps clients settle legal disputes with his fists." Well, if anyone can make a weird premise like that into an great movie, it would be Russell. He might be hot-headed and argumentative, but the guy knows how to make excellent films.

But will it get off the ground this time?
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