That's the new two-minute trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince below, which Warner Bros. is hoping will help stave off death threats from fans who are still resentful that the film was pushed back to next July from its original release date of next week. (Just think! If it weren't for that, you'd be seeing the film less than seven days from now!) We featured it earlier today in Trailer Park, but come on -- a Harry Potter trailer deserves special attention.

One thing that's notable is that there is no reference, not even a hint, to the Big Surprising Terrible Thing that occurs near the end of the book and that presumably also occurs in the movie. (Although it would be funny if it didn't happen in the movie. "Oh, yeah, So-and-So's death? Eh, we cut it. No room. Maybe in the next film.") It's not exactly a well-kept secret anymore -- hard to do that when the book has sold 65 million copies -- but I appreciate that the trailer keeps a lid on it for those who watch the movies but don't read the books.

For those who have read the book, though, the trailer has glimpses of things that surely relate to the Big Surprising Terrible Thing: a shot of Draco Malfoy looking panicked and sickly, a shot of Snape firing his wand, etc. The scenes of Death Eater attacks on London look great, and I hope the film makes full use of how scary that aspect of the story is. (Magical people fighting each other, meh. Magical people fighting each other and harming innocent bystanders, yikes!)