Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption - the game that I totally missed writing about last week, but am thankful our good pal Kevin filled in. Last week we asked you to channel your inner animated animal and produce a quirky-enough caption for a photo from the new hit flick Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Congrats to our three winners; our poor lion friend will never be the same.

1. "Fifty bucks says he picks his nose."
"Double or nothing he eats it." -- Mike R.

2. I've got a joke for you: What has furry opposable thumbs and is about to re-enact his favorite scene from the movie Alive? This guy. -- Nathan T.

3. The others were getting tired of his bad Dr. Evil impersonation. -- Lauren L.

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This week we're celebrating the very cool Japanese action-western Sukiyaki Western Django, directed by Takashi Mike. The film tells of a revolver-wielding stranger who crosses paths with two warring clans who are on the hunt for treasure in a remote Western town. The DVD is now available in stores, and one grand prize winner will walk away with one Sukiyaki Western Django wooden coffin containing a set of three collector's steel books, one Samurai robe, one canvas scroll with poster art, one six shooter hydro-gun and one limited edition deck of playing cards. Um, I want. Sound off below cowboys (and girls) ...

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