I'm a recent convert to Red Sonja fandom. Despite that she seems right up my alley (80s fantasy, chainmail, tresses as brilliant as my own), I've resisted reading the comics for a long time. Mostly because everytime any of my serious comic friends caught me eying one, they made fun of me. Also, there's always the feeling Red Sonjawasn't really meant for my eyes. But, I was recently convinced to buy Brian Reed's run, which is an excellent way to be introduced to the character -- and I know you all want to be, since she's getting that Robert Rodriguez/Rose McGowan movie in 2010.

And what of that movie? It always seems like just when you're getting into a character, all buzz on his or her movie vanishes. But luckily, we've got some new art, courtesy of the Movieset Blog. I've cropped a bit of it above,and we've added the bigger, boob-filled version to our Red Sonja Comic Con gallery below. I'm not sure why she seems to be pulling her sword out from the middle of her skull, but I'll be damned if Rose McGowan isn't winning me over as the She-Devil. This is the first time she's looked the part to me, but I'll have to see how well she wields it before completely coming around.

Attached to the picture (if you can focus your eyes) is a very detailed premise of the film. It's pretty spoiler filled, so read at your own risk. It's Sonja's origin story, her life as an outlaw, and her decision to join the fight against evil magician, Kulan Gath. It's total pulp, which thrills me, because that's what I dig about Red Sonja. There's slave mines, vengance, epic battles -- all the stuff of 80s D&D fantasy. Call me crazy, but I'm starting to get really excited to see this.

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